Dell Inspiron 8000 configuration

Here's the configuration of my Dell Inspiron 8000 notebook; I purchased it Jan 2001 directly from Dell (U.K)


18.2GByte Hardrive
128MByte RAM
1400x1050 SXGA+ screen
ATI Mobility 128 graphics card with 32MByte RAM
Combined internal NIC and modem ([wl]inmodem)
Fixed DVD-ROM drive
Removable 3 1/2 floppy drive and battery


Initially Windows ME installed as one 18.2GByte partition; re-partioned with fips as set out below

9.1 GByte Windows ME partition

256MByte Linux swap partition
5000MByte Linux /home partition of disk for Linux / partition

Original Windows ME software

RedHat Linux 7.1 - fresh laptop install

Initially installed RH 7.0. Upgrading to 7.1 failed to get the hardware accelaration working (DRI); a fresh install solved this


Iomega 250MByte USB Zip drive
Logitech PS/2 3 button/wheel mouse

Zip drive works fine with RH 7.1 (not with 7.0)
Small modifications needed to get mouse wheel functioning

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