Problem: the middle button on a Corsair M40 Raptor gaming mouse was not responding

It was noted that with a firmer click the button did work, so a dirty contact surface within the switch was suspected.

Taking apart the mouse

  1. Use a Torx T6 screwdriver to remove the two screws on the base of the mouse
  2. Two self-tapping Torx T6 case screws on the bottom of the Corsair M40 Raptor mouse
  3. Gentle pry the back of the top cover away from the body of the mouse (fingernails are enough)
  4. Plastic catch across the width of the back of the top shell which needs to be eased off to remove the top shell of the Corsair M40 raptor mouse
  5. Lift away the top gently as there are two ribbon cables connecting the innards
  6. Remove the two small Philips screws (PH1) holding down the PCB where the left and right buttons and the scroll wheel/middle button are mounted
  7. Two Philips PH1 self-tapping screws holding the button PCB board in place within the Corsair M40 Raptor mouse
  8. Gently lift the button PCB up and away from the base of the mouse
  9. Remove the scroll wheel axle from the rotary encoder
  10. Detail of the middle mouse button under the scroll-wheel axle of the Corsair M40 Raptor mouse

The fix

  • Drop some Isopropyl Alcohol onto the middle button switch and press it a few times to dissolve/dislodge dirt on the switch contacts
  • Can of Isopropyl Alcohol and disassembled Corsair M40 Raptor mouse
  • With the PCB held upside down, do the same: try to encourage the solvent to leave the body of the switch with any dissolved dirt

Putting the mouse back together

Reverse the procedure above taking note to:
  • ensure the wires are routed correctly on returning the button PCB to its original location
  • on replacing the four self-tapping screws, center them and unscrew until you hear a click, then tighten: this avoids cutting a new thread each time
  • on replacing the top shell, ensure the two tabs on the front side of the shell are located into their receptables, then gently squeeze the back shut over the retaining clasp
  • The two plastic tabs on the front side of the top shell must be located before squeezing the back of the top shell over the catch on the rear side of the base of the Corsair M40 Raptor mouse
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