Gai Ob Recipe

A chicken casserole in a tumeric sauce


Instructions (Marinade)

Mix a desert spoon of Tumeric with a desert spoon of salt and 100ml vinegar in a large bowl

Add chicken thighs, mix

Cut bottom half off cabbage, divide into eights through stalk

Trim stalk, but leave enough to hold the wedges together

Place cabbage and shallots on top of chicken in bowl, cover, and marinade for a few hours (or overnight)

Instructions (Cooking)

Use a large flat bottomed pan, add enough oil to cover base entirely

Remove ingredients from marinade, allow to drain. Keep the marinade

Turn heat up to max and add chicken pieces; fry until chicken starts to brown

Remove chicken pieces, add cabbage and shallots and fry until brown

Put chicken, cabbage, shallots into a pan, add the marinade and top up with water until just covered, simmer for 15 minutes

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